The Padro Logistics company specializes in the organization of road transport in all variants: general cargo, coloads and dedicated.
Express and coloads are our domain. Our forwarders have many years of experience in organizing the above types of shipments. We know how important it is for punctual delivery time or reliable information about its status – this is an absolute priority for us. In the case of coload transports, we use our wide transport network and our own hubs, so that your cargo arrives on time, at the best possible price.


We manage a fleet of vehicles with the following parameters:


If the delivery time is very critical and the distance between the sender and the receiver is too large to benefit from road transport, we offer fast and competitively priced solutions in the area of charter cargo planes, to any place in the world.

If the parcels are contained in hand luggage, our team of on-board couriers comes to action. Having them in store, we are able to take advantage of countless connection options, so that in a shorter time and often cheaper than in the case of charter freight, we will deliver your cargo to any place in the world.


Small airplanes
For our clients, we have also launched a charter flight service using dedicated airplanes. Do you have an urgent business meeting in another part of Europe? There is no problem for us, using these planes you can reach any, even grassy, nearest airport near the meeting place. In addition, we deliver urgent goods saving time during standard airport check-in.

PIPER SENECA V – Aircraft data:
– number of people 5,
– 1600km range,
– speed 300 km/h,
– load capacity 600 kg,
– place of stationing: Wrocław.

Cessna 172 – Airplane data:
– number of people 3,
– 800 km range,
– speed 190 km / h,
– 400 kg payload,
– place of stationing: Mirosławice (20 km from Wrocław).

Monney acclaim – Plane details:
– number of people 3,
– 2150 km range,
– speed 330 km / h,
– 400 kg payload,
– place of stationing: Warsaw.


We offer you the organization of sea freight to every corner of our globe. Export and import of FCL and LCL containers is organized at very favorable prices, in particular from China.

Detailed scope of services:
– transport of FCL full container shipments,
– LCL general cargo shipments,
– transports in the relation „door to door”,
– transport in both 20 ‚, 40’ and 20 ‚RF, 40’ RF standard containers.

Cooperating with us, you have the highest level of service in the field of sea transport and broadly understood business support, professional forwarding consultancy as well as constant monitoring of deliveries.


We organize railway transport covering all types of cargo. In the field of railway freight forwarding we realize:

  • Domestic and international transport,
  • intermodal transport: rail-road and rail-sea,
  • reloading, warehouse and distribution services,
  • customs formalities.


While implementing our services, we cooperate only with reliable operators. Railway forwarding is a safe and punctual way of transporting your cargo over long distances, especially from China.


Our offer is supplemented by the organization of shipments for our customers using various modes of transportation for one shipment.

It is a modern and flexible way of transporting cargo, adapted to your requirements and expectations. This is the most effective way of transporting goods in the „door to door” system

Multimodal services can carry out international and intercontinental transport without restrictions, while also considering the service of transporting goods „door to door”.

We offer the organization of intermodal railway transports from ports in Gdynia, Hamburg, Antwerp as well as container shipments from China via the Trans-Siberian railway.